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About the practitioner

Sachiko Giorgilli is a nutritional medicine practitioner providing safe, effective and professional healthcare, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Care of the patient starts with an initial consultation, during which a detailed individual health assessment is undertaken. This assessment is used to inform the development of a personalised treatment and prevention plan, which includes recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes along with a regimen of nutritional supplements, where necessary, to address any deficiencies identified.

Sachiko incorporates the use of BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) in her practice. BIA is a scientifically validated method for estimating body composition, and, in particular, body fat. For patients seeking help with weight management or “detox”, BIA provides a systematic way to assess ongoing progress with respect to treatment goals.

About nutritional medicine

Nutritional Medicine is a form of complementary medicine that combines traditional (food as medicine) knowledge with the science of nutritional biochemistry.

Practitioners adopt a holistic approach to how nutrition affects health and the relationship between diet and disease. This approach is combined with knowledge of the health effects of age and lifestyle-related factors to assess a patient's condition and develop a personalised treatment and prevention plan.

People at different stages of life may benefit from nutritional medicine. This includes patients suffering from a wide range of conditions, as well as athletes seeking to improve their performance.

Treatment and preventive healthcare

Sachiko provides nutritional medicine-based treatment and preventive healthcare specialising in: