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Making an appointment

Online, using our convenient online booking service, or by email or phone.


First-time patients typically undertake a program over five appointments:

1. Initial – $189.00 (75 mins)

The initial consultation involves a detailed health assessment of the patient and is an opportunity to:

2. ROF (Report of Findings) – $159.00 (45 mins)

Present the ROF and personalised treatment/prevention plan.

3,4,5. Follow Up – $95.00 (40 mins)

Follow up the patient's ongoing progress with respect to treatment goals.

A range of other appointments are available:

Detox Program Starter – $95.00 (30 mins)

A detoxification program focused on developing a personalised treatment/prevention plan, including lifestyle and dietary advice, to restore and enhance:

Return/Extended – $125.00 (45 mins)

An extended 45-minute appointment for returning patients

Routine/Short/Detox Return - $79.00 (30 mins)

Standard appointment for routine check ups